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Let Us Change Your Aura

Some people get tattooed because they want to be decorated in art... however based on our years of working in the industry, very few clients have asked for a tattoo, just because they like a design.

Perhaps you've overcome cancer, lost a loved one, are celebrating a loved one? The truth is, you are getting something to either help you heal, or to help you celebrate. 

The watercolor butterfly tattoo on the right, was a design based off an idea that Clorae's dear friend brought in. What is so special about this piece? It's a tattered butterfly with a semi-colon, with part of the wing floating off into a suicide & depression ribbon. One step further, this client used a small portion of her fiancé's ashes in the black ink so she could feel some closure. 

Bittersweet, yes. But something both artist and client cried about together when the tattoo was complete.



Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo by Clorae Baca