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Tattoo Aftercare

Thank you for trusting us with your tattoo! We hope you are enjoying your new ink. If you have any questions, or need something fixed or touched up within 90 days, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Don't forget you can call and email but TEXTING is the best and fastest way to reach us! In case you forgot the number:

(425) 743 - 4188 and email:

Here are some simple steps for taking care of your tattoo!

If you choose, you may go home and shower an hour or two after getting tattooed. Your body may be shaking, shivering, and this is a great way to cleanse the new tattoo! 

If you will be going to bed, or laying down for any reason, we highly suggest re-wrapping your tattoo with plastic wrap. This will help protect your sheets & clothes; as the tattoo may still be oozy. The body's natural response is to reject the ink, so it will ooze for up to 20 hours while the tattoo builds a scab.

AVOID WRAPPING your tattoo beyond the first 24 hours.

DAY 1-3:


Wash with any soap, an anti-bacterial soap like Dial or a pure glycerine soap works best! Avoid the smelly kinds with a ton of perfume, as these can really dry out the tattoo. Be sure to use your AquaTat, if you purchased some with us. If you run out or lose it, you may also use coconut oil or Aquaphor.  If you're sore, take Tylenol or Advil, it helps!


Keep washing with your soap, but switch your AquaTat out for something a little less oily. Any alcohol free lotion works great. Lotions like Bath & Body Works or anything with perfume oils will dry out your tattoo and possibly pull the ink out. 

A GREAT RULE OF THUMB: IF IT ITCHES, WASH IT AND APPLY AQUATAT OR ALCOHOL FREE LOTION! Whatever you do, DO NOT USE any products with petroleum (A&D ointment, Vaseline, etc) as this can suck the ink out of your skin!

Please read this section!!!

SWEAT & GYMS: Please wait on working out at least 72 hours before returning to the gym. If you MUST, we highly suggest showering immediately after exercise is done in order to avoid possible infection.

KIDS & PETS: As much as we love kids and pets, please avoid letting them lick or touch your fresh tattoo for the first 72 hours or more. They are cute, but they harbor great amounts of bacteria.

POOLS, BEACHES & HOT TUBS: Please avoid swimming or submersion into swimming pools, rivers, oceans, seas, hot tubs, and other similar bodies of water for 21 days. These bodies of water harbor large amounts of bacteria, which can enter the body via the tattoo, and cause a super infection or even death in severe cases.

SUN: Please allow your tattoo to heal for 21 - 28 days before direct sun exposure. If you will be in sunny weather, please take care to cover the tattoo (i.e. long sleeves, etc.). Once the tattooed is healed (scab has fallen off), ALWAYS apply SPF 30 or higher to your tattoo to help the ink last longer. Sun exposure is one of the fastest ways to cause ink fallout, and fading!


BRUISING: Bruising is normal. Every body heals differently and different rates. It is extremely common to get odd scabs, bruises and have delayed healing on tattoos near the bend of arms from the constant bending.

FADED LOOKING TATTOO (within the first couple weeks): We call this a "milky" look. This is normal! It means your skin is growing new skin and will eventually go away.

RAISED SKIN: You may notice that some days your tattoo is more raised than others. This is normal and happens to everyone. 

THINGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: If your tattoo feels hot, throbbing, or continues to ooze after the first couple days, please see a doctor as soon as possible. We do our best to maintain a clean and sterile environment at our shop, we hope you can continue this by remember these simple instructions!

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