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All deposits, fees, and art fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, we sincerely apologize.

We never pressure clients into services, so PLEASE make sure you are 100% sure you are committing to this.

Please also keep in mind that we reserve a time slot specifically for each of our clients; we understand accidents and urgencies happen, however,
we require a 72 hour notice on all appointment reschedules or cancellations. Regardless of the situation, we must have this notice in order to try and get another appointment in. If we do not get this notice, your deposit will not be moved to a new appointment date and a new deposit must be paid in order to book; however IF you give us 72 hours or more, we will gladly move your deposit over. 

Starting May 2018, ALL TATTOO appointments will be subject to a cancellation fee/ deposit. If you choose to cancel, rather than reschedule (with less than 72 hours notice), please be prepared to pay a LATE CANCELLATION FEE of 50%-100% of the time we have you scheduled for. If you would like to book after cancelling - you will be responsible for paying the late cancel fee, and a new deposit. 

As of February 2022 we will now require covid-19 tests, taken within 36 hours of your appointment time. These tests MUST be time stamped (holding a home test in front of a clock doesn't work), dated, and show YOUR NAME. Using someone else's test, or an old test will not work.

Because we are offering so much notice for these, we are allowing people to reschedule, if they are unable to get a covid test scheduled; but we are enforcing our 72 hour cancellation policy. Forgetting to get a test scheduled is not a valid late cancel reason. 

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR COVID-19 RESULTS TO US, NO LATER THAN THE EVENING BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT, BY 9:30PM; otherwise we will assume you forgot to get your test scheduled and we will charge a late cancellation fee. 

If you are negative, we will send you the new consent form to fill out on your phone or smart device. IF YOU TEST POSITIVE AND HAVE PROOF, we will NOT charge you a late cancellation fee and will promptly get you rescheduled to another day and time.


Missed consultations: Yes, consultations are complimentary, however it is still time we set aside to meet with you. Please keep this in mind. We do ask that should you need to cancel or reschedule a consultation, please let us know by 9:30pm, the evening prior. If you decide to not show up, or cancel the evening of, we reserve the right to charge your card on file, a late cancellation fee of $50 - $100. We allow a 5 minute grace period before you are marked as a NO SHOW and your card is charged. 

If we book a consultation for you via text, message, email, or phone call; and you do not show up for your appointment, we will send you an invoice to pay the no-show / late cancel fee. Please respect our time and pay this fee, otherwise we reserve the right not to accept any future appointments from you, because of non-payment. 


Retail, such as makeup and other products may be returned, unused, unopened, and in it's original packaging for a full refund. If you somehow end up with a rash, irritation, or simply do not like the product, please let us know within 3 days of your purchase and we will gladly exchange your product for something else, apply the total towards a service, or offer a refund in the form of original payment. A receipt is required for the return. We offer email receipts to all clients via email, please have this digital copy ready as we will need the receipt number in order to look up your purchase. 

Covid-19 Screening
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